Author Topic: Difficulty swallowing or cervical spondylosis provoke Woe  (Read 2225 times)


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Difficulty swallowing or cervical spondylosis provoke Woe
« on: August 28, 2012, 02:35:58 pm »

Cervical spondylosis can cause difficulty swallowing, sore throat or hoarseness. Medicine called cervical dysphagia main causes include direct compression of the cervical vertebral bone spurs. Or autonomic stimulated the esophageal spasm which is characterized by dysphagia light weight. related to the position of the neck can often attack relieve itself but only a small number of patients with swallowing pain.
The degree of cervical dysphagia can be divided into three degrees: mild early symptoms showed the the neck extension symptoms. Neck flexion when the symptoms disappear; moderate difficulties swallowing hard food can swallow liquid food and soft food; severe only water or soup which is more common in moderate dysphagia and 80% of patients with spinal cord symptoms of spinal nerve root or vertebral artery compression. cervical lateral X-ray can see the obvious projecting forward osteophytes and other degenerative changes in the disease can still have other signs of cervical disease, such as dizziness. dizziness. flustered. chest tightness vomit muscles of the neck and shoulder pain, upper extremity pain or numbness. weakness or atrophy.
Then easy to produce cervical dysphagia which case it? Cervical vertebral bone spurs excessive buffer anterior clearance and esophagus can withstand and exceed the compensatory ability; spurs generated quickly. Smaller this time even if the bone spurs. Surrounding soft tissue was too late to adapt and compensatory. easy because local imbalance symptoms; esophagus itself there is inflammation or other abnormalities. easily in a small volume of bone spurs symptoms; located in special anatomical position as at the sixth cervical here for the diaphragm portion of the esophagus gradually affect the diet cricoid relatively fixed. therefore smaller spurs can cause symptoms early dysphagia. performance difficulties and food after swallowing hard food sternum abnormal such as burning tingling. and the flow of food and eating.
Surgery may be considered the removal of a large bone. Event in patients with dysphagia or sore throat. Further examination to avoid misdiagnosis caused unnecessary burden of thinking to do conservative treatment is invalid if it is caused by cervical spondylosis. superfluous can relieve dysphagia and sore throat.
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